In The Forefront of Extrusion Coating & Lamination

Extrusion Coating and Laminating Line

A Fully Automated Platform

At ECL, product quality is basically determined from machinery or technology as the entire manufacturing process is fully automated with minimal human contact, thus maximizing hygiene and safety. It begins from the extrusion of different types of polymers before the bonding process of coating and lamination, preceded with automated thickness control followed by in-line inspection system with camera detection and finally going through the wetting system for surface consistency essential for multi-layered products in roll form.

Corona Treatment System I

Non-Metal high frequency discharge that increases the adhesion.


To extrude melted PP/PE Resin and formed into a continuous profile.

Measurement System

To measure product thickness & weight.

Corona Treatment System II

Metal high frequency discharge that increases the adhesion.

Laminate Inspection (Camera)

To detect by visual any contamination, insects, and any foreign objects in the product during the lamination process.

Wetting System

Moisturizer process purpose to reduce or eliminate curl on the paper laminate product and restoring the paper original properties.

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