In The Forefront of Extrusion Coating & Lamination

Quality & Safety Assured

Our commitment for quality and safety is optimized, operating under a fully air-conditioned and enclosed factory. Other than manufacturing under a clean and conducive environment, all finished products are subject to the quality control of an automated rewinder with integrated metal detector before returning to roll form.

Stringent lab inspections were carried out as well to ensure product quality and safety. We are now ISO 9001: 2015 certified, a prestigious award which is a testimony to our passion for quality.

Safety & Hygiene Facilities

Our commitment for safety & hygiene is optimized

Hygiene Concept Environment

Air-conditioned and covered production areas can prevent insects from entering the production area.

Rewinder Machine

Rewinder machine use for rewinds/unwinds the end product.

Rewinder Machine

Rewinder machine use for rewinds/unwinds the end product.

Metal Detector

To detect the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects.

Various Equipment

The equipment includes Anti Slip, Burst Test & Weight Measuring Machine. Their functions are to measure the pressure required to puncture a sheet of paper or paperboard as an indicator of its load carrying capacity under specific conditions.

Heat Gradient Test Machine

This tester’s wide range of applications include determination of the optimum temperature necessary for the heat sealing treatment for packaging and cloth materials as well as measurement of the heat sensitivity of such products as sensitive paper.
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