In The Forefront of Extrusion Coating & Lamination

In The Forefront of Extrusion Coating & Lamination

A Fully Automated Platform

Encore Lami Sdn Bhd or ECL in short was incorporated in 2013 with a paid up capital of RM3.5 million. ECL specializes in the manufacture of Extrusion Coating and Lamination products on unlimited media from kraft paper with PE/PP to woven cloth and aluminium foils, from non-woven cloth to sealant and nylon films for diverse applications from industrial to food packaging.

ECL is 80% owned by Ohishi Sangyo Co. Ltd., which is one of the largest and leading packaging manufacturers in Japan for more than 90 years history. The balance 20% owned by another partner, Mikunishiko Co Ltd., a company specializes in lamination for more than 80 years history.

The manufacturing process is virtually fully automated and with a staff strength of only 20, ECL achieves a massive production capacity of 50 million meter square annually. State of the art technology, hygiene oriented manufacturing and innovative concepts coupled with a dedicated workforce, ECL is ready to take on the next level, expanding market penetration in the region while fulfilling its role as a social enterprise as well.


Becoming a leading Extrusion Coating & Lamination producer in the Asia Pacific region.


Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction through World-class Quality & Technology.


A Passion for Quality in whatever we do.
The spirit of Harmonious Cooperation internally with staff and externally with our customers.

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